NOVITÀ!!! E sono finito pure sul giornale australiano “The Vine”!!!

Adesso basta inglese, si torna alla lingua del sì.

Devo ammettere che questo mese è iniziato in un modo davvero inaspettato, con tutta ‘sta storia di Webdriver Torso. Ha ricevuto più visualizzazioni il mio ultimo articolo di sei mesi di attività sul blog. Al momento mi ha portato 7093 visualizzazioni, con il record giornaliero di 2728, eclissando del tutto il buon risultato ottenuto con il coefficiente Biscottina e addirittura portando il mio blog fra i top20 di WordPress.

E come se non bastasse, Pindaricamente mi segue. Son cose, ragazzi, son cose.

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UPDATE: Dear readers, as you can see below, my article on Webdriver Torso has changed. You will find some modifications to my evidence, which I hope will still allow you to understand my solution. Well, just to summarize, I have published my solution on the 8th of May, providing some first evidence about the identity of Webdriver Torso, thanks to the website channelgraphs. Since then, I have found more videos, which have been subsequently hidden, including a Facebook and a Twitter profile which are now, respectively, closed and turned private. In the meanwhile, two easter eggs were made by Google, one on youtube, and one on the Doodle. Apparently Google itself has finally confessed. You will see that some of the evidence which I have published are gone. If you ask me why, my reply to you is the following: “dictum sapienti sat est”.

NEW UPDATE: new important details that could reveal the Swiss software house!

NEW UPDATE (12/05/2014): as expected, the reaction from this “swiss software house” has been observed. The 3D promo video has been converted into private this morning, and again, visits from Switzerland came along. Too bad that I have taken screenshots as well of that “Mosquito Highway”. And for those who say that my results are slim, let’s add another piece of evidence to the puzzle. Come on guys, reveal yourself! 🙂

NEW UPDATE (12/05/2014): more evidence supporting my hypothesis.

LAST UPDATE (13/05/2014): like a swiss clock, the video slideshow that I have published has turned into private. Anyway, there are just too many clues around, like the one that you have left on the Twitter Account, in which someone addresses to Matei. This unveils the last mystery around Webdriver Torso. I am very sorry for revealing all this information, but it was publicly available and I was only curious to find the truth behind this mystery. Let’s put it this way: if you invite me to Zurich, I will pay you and your colleagues a round of Guinness (but no more than ten pints eh!). Peace? 🙂

(15/05/2014): an Easter Egg turns Youtube into a Webdriver Torso video when you type “Webdriver Torso” on the search bar.


16/05/2014: I really wish to thank Brendan O’Connor of the Daily Dot for quoting me and my theory on his new article. You should totally have a look at it since he revealed some other additional information about the possible identity of Matei which I have not found. In addition, let me put here some more coincidences which I have found yesterday!

18/05/2014: This article has also been mentioned by the Australian Online Newspaper The Vine!

20/05/2014: It appears that those guys are trying to cover the evidence. The Facebook page of Timmy Tester has been turned to private, and so did the video of Matei Gruber riding a bike in Zurich with the Google Glasses, published by the Daily Dot.

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